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How We Pick the Photos: Part 1

When we photograph a race, we typically take upwards of 1000 photos. That means it takes a while to go through them all and to choose the 300-500 images that meet our stringent quality standards (yes, about 30-50% of our photos are of high quality!).

Photos that go online have a few key features: 1) they are in focus, 2) the main person in the photo fills a large portion of the frame, 3) the lighting is good (not too bright or dim), 4) the composition of the image is excellent, and 5) the main person in the photo has their eyes open and head up, so that you can see who they are.

It's In the Eyes

One thing that is always a problem is that people blink...humans just can't help it, we have to blink. When we take a series of photos of a person, invariably in a few shots their eyes are closed. We don't think you want a photo of yourself or your friend/son/daughter with their eyes we don't put those photos on the web! We have enough other good ones to fill our pages!

See these samples:

Eyes Closed- Not Selected
Eyes Open - Selected for Web/Purchase
Eyes Closed Eyes Open
Eyes Closed Eyes Open

As you can see, we are pretty picky about the photos that we choose to put on our site. We pride ourselves on having the photos on our site be quality photos, ones that are worth purchasing and enjoying for years to come. Of course, not every photo is perfect, and we might include some shots where people don't have perfect facial expressions; we do our best though to make them all great.